The bare spots are where the Shetland sheep slept last night. No, not under the shelter, but out in the snow.It snowed overnight, not more than an inch or so, and when I went to see how the sheepies handled it, I found the Icelandics all inside their shelters, and there were these little black spots of bare ground where the Shetlands had all spent the night out in the snow, the little weirdos.

Lisa scratching Raven under the chin, while Valentine, Cocoa and Sassy wait their turn.I had so much fun with them today. They are so much more interested in cuddling and grooming instead of eating, which is the exact opposite of the Icelandics. Well, I’d say the Icelandic lambs are probably split half and half if they have to make that choice.

126_2670_JFR.jpgI sat out in the Shetland pen for about thirty minutes, passing out scratches and cuddles, and getting groomed by all of the girls. They get a bit frantic with my long hair, and at one point I had two of them gently pulling strands of hair through their teeth at once, starting up at my scalp, and running all the way to the tips. They check me very thoroughly for bugs and hay, I guess. We must be tidy. Raven came up for a scatch himself, and then glared at Frank, making sure to get between us, heh.

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