Taking Stock

We got started on building the hay shelter last night, but just barely. We still aren’t sure how we are going to anchor the thing, either. We got all of the rafters connected and screwed together, and that was it because it got dark.

We needed to get hay, as the sheepies aren’t liking this new stuff so we are going through it faster. It seems to be getting better, or they are more used to it. It is supposedly good stuff, horse-quality, so I’m not sure what the problem is.

Driving over to Langdon takes us through Alstead, where all of the devastation from the flood over a year ago now is still so visible. There is rubble all along the road, and the missing houses are so noticeable. It’s pretty depressing still.

I walked around this afternoon and took pictures of everyone. I figure if we end up getting some sort of software to manage the breeding as we get up in numbers, this way I’ll have a current photo of everyone.

This one of George still cracks me up.

The tarping of the fence line that we did between Pedro and Miguel’s pens doesn’t seem to be enough. They were bashing at each other from underneath the shelter today. They both have cuts on their foreheads now. We tried one more thing to see if we can stop them — stumps placed so that they can’t get up a good speed. Here’s hoping it works. I’m not sure what else we can try.

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