New ewe lamb purchases

I know. I am probably crazy. I just bought three new ewe lambs from Dancing Lamb Farms.


Sire: DL-101R

Dam: TNY-42K

This black-grey, horned girl is out of one of my milkiest lines. She is a well built lamb with good horns and a lovely fleece. She is being bred to DL-325S a georgous ram lamb (see ram lamb sale page) $400 SALE PENDING

She looks just like George.


Sire: DL-101R

Dam: TNY-148L

This black, horned, ewe lamb is out of my milkiest pureblood Icelandic ewe. Her mom produced more milk than most of my dairy cross ewes last year. One of the Lacaune crosses is the only one to produce more. I’m keeping her twin sister. She would be an excellant choice for someone wanting a true triple purpose sheep (milk, fiber, meat). She’s being bred to DL-325S out of Brendon, an Aboti son with great fleece. $450 SALE PENDING


Sire: TNY-822P

Dam: FFC-089K

This beautiful, white, horned ewe lamb is an Aboti granddaughter – you can see it in her fleece. Her mom is our friendliest ewe and a good milker. Being bred to DL-240S $450 (SALE $400 Bred) SALE PENDING

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