Planning the window boxes

After a year away, I get to do all of my window boxes again this year. Yay! I’m so excited.

0825_003.jpg Wow. Even before the landscaping was done on the yard, I was already doing the window boxes around the deck. Pretty cool tradition to have. I like it because it gives me fiddling gardening type stuff to do in March, when I can’t get outside because of the weather.

pansy flats P4030044.jpgThe set-up in the basement has been honed over the years. All of the boxes fit perfectly on shelves that Frank built for me. Each shelf has grow lights on it, and the last time we did them in 2005, he even installed irrigation for me.

P7050019.jpg I’ve done different themes and color schemes each year. Some have worked out better than others. The spring after 9-11, I tried red-white-blue, but they never all bloomed at the same time, sadly.

I always order my plugs from Jolly Farmer, and this year is no different. Here’s what is coming, mid-March:

Scaevola brilliant
Nicotiana Hummingbird Mix
Helichrysym Silver Mist
Ornamental Peppers Chilly Chili
Melampodium Showstar
Carex Amazon Mist

And a couple of weeks later, I’ve got a tray of strawberries coming. Why not?

Here‘s the gallery page with thumbnails of those flowers. I can almost see the window boxes already.

136_3643_JFR.jpg I thought I was done, but then I remembered that I think we killed one of my favorite plants this year, by forgetting to bring it in. (I wasn’t here!) So I called the Jollies back, and added three trays (75 cuttings) Tradescantia pallida, formerly known as Setcreasea purpu Purple Queen, which is what they are still calling it. Those will look really wild in my boxes, I think.

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