We’re home

It was a heck of a trip. All of our roadtrip photos are probably only interesting to us, but are uploaded here. We spent 2800 some odd miles, mostly admiring barns. Ooh, look at that one! Why can’t we have that? We hardly saw any animals at all on the trip, but the barns were most impressive.

DSC02728Lyle’s (who is the President of ISBONA) farm was great. I can hardly describe how friendly his turkey was, but now I want one, badly. He also had ducks, horses, and a variety of sheep, as well as the chickens that we visited him for. He was so incredibly generous with eggs that I’m not quite sure what we are going to do with them all.

DSC02747We are exhausted, though. Driving all those miles with chickens in the car is worse than a roadtrip with kids. We decided to drive straight through. Finding a hotel that would take chickens was more than I could deal with. Every egg they laid along the way was announced with great fanfare! They were incredibly easy to travel with, such good girls, but I wanted to keep their stress to as little as possible, with them all cooped up in such a small thing.

DSC02767 DSC02768 They seem to like their new coop, though. I made dinner from left over veggies in the fridge, and sent Frank out with the scraps, so that they can start to learn that we bring the yummies. He came back in with another egg, in exchange. I can get used to this.

We’ll start the incubator tomorrow, as we head off to get the puppy.

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