Leon vs. Angel

Oh, the times I wish I’d had a video camera with me.

DSC05402We moved the sheep down in Marlborough on Thursday, just up the hill a bit from where they were. They were acting like they were starving starving, but to be honest, we probably should have kept them where they were at least one more day, to beat it back a little harder.

Valerie brought Angel, of course, and Angel and Leon had the funniest interaction I think I’ve ever seen.

DSC05401All of the herd except for Leon was busily chomping down on the new grass. Leon was supervising Frank, who was still diddling with the electronet. Angel decided that since she is a German Shepherd, after all, she was going to make Leon get back with the rest of the flock. Valerie says that being around Bjarki has made her want to herd more than usual, which is interesting.

Anyway, she tried everything she knew to get Leon to move. She nipped at his back legs, she barked. Nothing doing. She ran around him in circles. She growled at him. Leon was a statue, not moving at all. She pushed him. Nope. Not moving. She ran into him at almost a full run, bonking him hard on his back end. He was a rock, stubbornly and deliberately Not Moving. Then she held on to his horn and pulled! It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. He still would not move.

When she finally gave up and went off to play with Bjarki, *then* he casually walked up to her and head butted her. Too funny! If only I’d had a video camera, so I could put it up on YouTube! I think Valerie and I were too busy laughing hysterically and calling Angel off to remember to take photos.

I’m so glad I kept him when I gave all the Shetlands away. He is 3/4 Shetland, 1/4 Icelandic, and worth his weight in gold. We all just love him to pieces. He’s a cranky old man, and takes care of everyone in his herd.

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