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An egg and a puffball Frank found some puffball mushrooms on an old hay pile yesterday and this morning, and these don’t last long fresh at all, so I needed to come up with a way to use them really quickly. Valerie is spending the summer here at home, unexpectedly, so I am forever looking for vegetarian options for her, so I adjusted my usual mushroom soup recipe and replaced chicken stock with white wine. I’m not sure she will like it, though. It might be too strong flavored for her. We’ll see what she thinks when I put it in her Mr. Bento lunch tomorrow.

Lunch I think it came out pretty well. (Here is the recipe.) We have so many black trumpet mushrooms from previous years still, so I’m sticking them in everything these days. They are so tasty. I served it with slices of the really seedy bread I baked yesterday, and cheese from Boggy Meadow Farm, just 20 minutes from me. The raw milk came from Flying Cloud Dairy in Alstead, NH, just 10 minutes from me. All of the veggies came from Stonewall Farm in Keene, 20 minutes away.

Participating in One Local Summer, after having just finished the Kingsolver book “Animal Vegetable Miracle” is making me get more connected with the farms around me. I think I’ve been so busy trying to figure out my own farm that I am really getting too isolated. Meeting other farmers is a good thing, and something I want to spend more time doing this summer. Now that Pearl’s had her baby and lambing is done, maybe that is a reasonable ambition.

This post is part of the Animal, Vegetable, Miracle blogpost roundup.

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  1. I loved Animal, Vegetable, miracle. it was really inspiring and i learned alot. i also had puffball last year. it was really good fired in butter.


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