A day on the farm

We took a rather disappointing trip over to a feed store in Vermont, to see if their prices were cheaper, since they were right on the railroad line. It turns out they are the same as the (very high) prices we are finding in Keene, which is really disappointing. I’ve got to source some more scrap feed for the pigs. Bagels once a week just isn’t enough. I’ve got a brew pub that is going to give us the yeast, but he’s already got a farmer taking all of the spent grains.

Pigs and Puppy Playing Ball While we were there, though, I saw one of those balls for horses and thought I’d buy it for Polly. She is always interested in Bjarki’s balls, so I thought one of her own would be swell. She ignored it, of course, but the pup absolutely loved it, and even took it into the pig pen to play with them. They loved it! They love to play with the pup anyway, and a ball just made it all the more fun. I stayed to make sure the pup wasn’t bullying them, but there were several times when one of the pigs would grab the ball and chase the pup with it in her mouth, just like he did. Too cute. I really didn’t know pigs would play like that. I need to take a video camera out there to get the antics of chasing each other around the shed. It’s hysterical. The three of them together remind me of preschool children with the utter joy at playtime. The squeals of joy are just something else.

Poor Lily! I heard the sheep calling out rather early for dinner time, but thought they might be hungry with the storm coming and all. But even after I fed them, Minx (Lily’s mama) kept calling, which is odd, because normally there is blessed silence as soon as everyone is fed. So I looked around and then I noticed poor Lily, with her head stuck in the fence. I ran and got Frank to bring out a bolt cutter, but we got her out without having to cut it. What a close call, though. That girl! So much like her mama, who repeatedly rips the scurs off of her head doing exactly that — trying to reach something yummier on the other side.

Lunch Horrible weather today, with an ice storm in the forecast for tonight. I’m holding out a little hope that it will turn to rain and melt some of this snow, but then watch me whine when we don’t have a white Christmas. I got a lot of baking and cooking done inside, and made a fancy soup thing for lunch with squid. I’m trying to make more soups because Frank loves them, while I really don’t. This one came out great though. It’s the standard “provencal style soup” with squid from Joy of Cooking, and the only change I made was to add a tablespoon of hot pepper flakes, because I like things hot and spicy. Very tasty.

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