Being naughty

Bjarki introduces her to the pigs Bjarki had a great time today, introducing the new pup to all of the farm animals. She is just a fearless little thing. Everyone wanted to meet her, too. Doppa and Sue were the two sheep most interested, but she went under every fence, into every pen, to at least take a look. I asked Misty if she wanted to meet the new puppy, and she walked right over to me as if she understood, and she and Deeza had a nose to nose that I wish I could have caught on film! Too cute. Deeza is a little *too* interested in chickens, and hasn’t a clue what the word “no!!” means, so we have a lot of work to do there. She cleared out the hay house of chickens while I was tying up the pig pen, and had way too much fun doing it.

Play time The pigs are bored or something. They are messing up the heater in their water trough, so Frank had to spend a lot of time today fixing it, again. They are also determined to knock the gate down or undo all of the twine that is holding it together. I put Bjarki and a ball in with them for a while, which they all really enjoyed, and left the ball, which kept them amused for about 10 minutes when they were alone. Then they went back to trying to flip the water trough and pull out the drain-plug heater. Arg. Good thing they are so cute! Their personalities are really coming through, and I’m starting to be able to tell them apart. Ginny is trouble!

2 thoughts on “Being naughty”

  1. I like your pictures of the farm life,and I LOVE the pix of those Icelandic CHICKENS! Can I buy any adults or started birds or any chicks or hatching eggs at some near future date??? Thank you for your time in answering me. I KNOW that you stay very busy there!

  2. Hey Wayne — we are getting quite a number of requests for eggs and chicks. If you want to take a chance and see how we do this year on getting a surplus of eggs, I can put you on the list. However, you can also go to Lyle Behl, where we got ours. His flock is far more established than ours is!



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