Future Plans

Frank skirted a bunch of fleece today. We have several piles going — wool that we are going to turn into wool socks — wool that we are going to turn into wool comforters — wool that we are going to turn into roving. We have so much to process that it isn’t funny. Our house is filled with bags and boxes of fleeces. We are determined to get through all of it before we sheer again.

We are busy drooling and planning over gardenporn and fruit tree catalogs. How much open space do we actually have to plant an orchard? What do we want? Right now, the count for trees is: 4 apples, 4 pears, 3 cherries (2 sweet, 1 pie), 2 peaches, 2 apricots, for a total of 15 trees. 25 raspberry bushes. We know where to plant all of that, but it requires much alternate pasture for all of the critters, so it sort of depends on what we are actually able to accomplish this winter in terms of clearing.

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