Happy Solstice

Naughty Girl Little Ms. Naughty is just something else today. She’s so spunky and willful, but adorable. She is just fearless — she finds her way into all the pens, grrs and args at the sheep, until they take a step near her, and then she runs away, only to grr and arg at them again, this time from outside the pen. Valerie came over and watched the pups for us today, let us go to town to shop, and wow did I appreciate the break.

It’s raining madly — the temp topped out at 49°F right at sunset. We had about two feet of snow, and I bet we lose almost all of it before the temps plummet again. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, even if we don’t end up with a white Christmas after all. Frank read something the other day that just rang so true:

When the temperature falls, people who live in cold climates go through the same rituals every year—they tear apart their houses looking for winter clothes; they hope the first snow melts soon so they can find everything they should have put under cover in October; and they spend two weeks with cold hands because they refuse to admit they lost the left-hand glove over summer.

Cold Weather Logging

To be totally honest, I’d kind of like a little global warming action right now. I keep thinking that we’ll have to change the name of the journal from Notes from Zone 4 to Notes from Zone 5, and I’m okay with that. I mean, I know global warming is bad, except maybe not for us? Can’t I be selfish just a little bit, for a little while? Okay. Pity party over. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. We have all sorts of stuff we could do better without two feet of snow on the ground so early in the season.

Gazebo Happy belated Solstice
from all of us at
Mack Hill Farm.
Frank, Lisa
Bjarki, Tofradis
Prince, Pearl and Polly
Misty and Princess Kitty
Egil, Keikur and the hens
Hermione and Genevra
20 sheep
And about 40,000 bees.

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