I’m taking a quick lunch break, and there are three million things that have to get done before snow flies, and they ain’t all going to get done. Maybe it will help if we list them. Maybe it will make me want to jump off a bridge to see them all listed, but oh well.

We have to pick the pigs up before it gets dark, so I will probably go get them by myself around 3:30. We’ll move the boys out of the livestock trailer where they have been living, just long enough to go get the pigs. We ain’t ready to put them in their breeding pens yet. It’s just not going to happen today. So, I have 2.5 hours until I need to leave, and I have to leave time to hook up the trailer.

Get the pig feeder moved into their pen. It’s out in back where they last were, under a tree that got dropped on top of it. Oops.

Water bucket for them. I wonder if I should stop at Agway after I get them and buy a nipple waterer. Must ask Frank.

He just finished the roof on the Pig Palace, so that’s done. They have 2.5 walls done, but the one that hasn’t been started is up against the horse house, so that will shelter them enough. But there are some bare spots on the horse house that need to get patched that pigs could fit through, so that has to get done.

I need one more cattle panel put into place for the pig yard, but they’re all brought up now from where they were last, so that should go fast.

All of the electronet that’s lying around on the ground in bundles should probably be brought in before it’s buried in a foot of snow. I wonder where we will put them. Hay house?

I unburied three tarps — where to put them? I was thinking we should cover the burn pile and maybe burn tomorrow, before we put critters in Sheep Shed three, right in front of said burn pile. We could also tarp SS3 instead of roofing it today. We should tarp what would we have left so we can use it to finish that shed, and the next (and last).

I bet Frank wants to just put the roof up on SS3 and be done with it. It needs purlins before the roof panels can go up.

We need to run the sawmill — he could do that while I went for the pigs. We need the wood to finish the pig palace and for the honeymoon suite.

The hose needs to be brought in. I’ve got it all down by the basement, but not reeled up yet. Everyone’s watered well today, though it all freezes so quickly. We need to figure out water yet.

We need more extension cords — should I stop at Home Depot on my way back and get them?

Stupid snow. We’re not ready! We need another 12 hours, darn it. (Heck, we could use another month.) It’s always that way, though. I doubt we will ever be ready, but it feels so much more urgent when we have critters.

Ok — lunch break over. Yay for leftovers.

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  1. Hi Lisa, I forget how I found your website, but I’ve been following the blog for a few weeks. You sound really busy! I thought I was racing against the sun to get snow tires on cars and bring in firewood, but that’s nothing!

    Don’t freak out, perhaps the snow will not be so wet. I actually love working outside in the snow, as long as it’s not too windy or wet.



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