Garden Order

Heirloom tomatoes ordered from

Black Crimson
Bulgarian Triumph
Gold Dust
Japanese Black Trifele
Long Keeper
Peche Jaune
Paul Robeson


Toma Verde Tomatillos
Top Crop Green Pod Bush Bean
Golden Rod Yellow Wax Bush Bean
Be Sweet 2020 Edible Soybean
All-Season Cabbage Mix
Collection Carrot Sampler #2
Golden Self-Blanching Celery
Salad Bush Hybrid Cucumber
Black Seeded Simpson Looseleaf Lettuce
Salad Bowl Looseleaf Lettuce
Hollow Crown Parsnip
Pumpkin Patch Mix
Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
Aristocrat Hybrid Bush Squash
Butterstick Hybrid Squash
Winter Squash Sampler Mix
Sugar Baby Watermelon
California White Garlic
Victoria Rhubarb
Golden Shallots
All Blue Potato Sets
Kennebec Potato Sets
Red Pontiac Potato Sets
Collection Hybrid Plum Offer
Natures Aid Inoculant

From Millers Nurseries:

Northern Hardy Pecan
Colette Dwarf – The Everbearing Pear
Clapp’s Favorite Dwarf Pear
Beurre Bosc Dwarf Pear
Superior Dwarf Plum
Shiro Dwarf Plum
Reliance Dwarf Peach
Dwarf Fingerlakes S.H. Dwarf Peach
Moongold Dwarf Apricot Tree
Sungold Dwarf Apricot Tree
Miller-Certified SuperMale Asparagus
Walla Walla Onion
Red Bugermaster
Lancelot Leeks
25 Purple Passion – 25 Super Male Asparagus Collection
Northern Spy Semi-Dwarf Apple Tree
Snow Apple (Fameuse) Semi-Dwarf Apple
Yellow Transparent Semi-Dwarf Apple
Dwarf North Star Cherry Cherry
WhiteGold Cherry
Kristin Cherry
BlackGold Cherry
Fall Gold Everbearing Raspberries
Fall Red Everbearing Raspberries
Calville Blanc Semi-Dwarf Apple

From Territorial Seed:

Anaheim College 64 Pepper
Ancho Magnifico Pepper
Early Jalapeño Pepper
Fastbreak Melon
Golden Star Pepper
Gourmet Pepper
Hybrid Broccoli Blend
Northstar Pepper
Pizza Pepper
Purple Beauty Pepper

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