Sunday logging

Timber! We need pasture for our sheep and horses so badly! We also need wood for building sheds. Logs like this one that are too big for our sawmill will be road-sided along our driveway, and when we get enough to fill a logging truck, we’ll sell them.

It’s dank and cold out there today. Just walking around in that deep snow is tiring, for us and the pups. Also, wet. We were done by mid-day, too tired, wet and cold to continue. Six trees got dropped, mostly in the right direction.

We are buying a logging winch for the tractor, hopefully next week. We are so hilly and steep, that logging with the tractor is dangerous. Frank’s pretty much decided on a Farmi 351P. We are trying to figure out the logistics of picking it up. Drive to the dealer and bring it in the truck or have it shipped?

We are also buying a logging arch / forecart combo thingy that I saw when I took the course from the Baileys on using draft horses. It’s from Forest Manufacturing out of Pennsylvania, and there’s a dealer for them in Vermont. No more excuses for not using the horses with that!

196:365 Gardenporn Season We’ve got quite the tree order ready to get placed, which is of course making us realize how much land we need to clear. We also put together a list of the veggies we’ll grow in the spring, and how many raised beds we’ll need. So many of those trees coming down for pasture are going to get used to build raised beds — at least the ones not big enough to sell. But browsing through all of the gardenporn that we get in the mail these days sure was fun!

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