Thinking out loud

Thinking Outloud Hermione looks like she is going to pop any second now. We still have both she and Ginny in the Pig Palace, because we just couldn’t figure out another place to put one of them, but it’s really bothering me. I don’t want them to be together when Hermione gives birth, because Ginny is just too rambunctious and oblivious to small critters. She’s taken to chasing chickens out of the shed, for fun and profit.

I was going to risk putting one of them in the remnants of the horse house collapse, but then high winds the other day picked up the roof and tossed it, finishing the ruin. So there goes that idea. (literally!)

Everything is still frozen solid, so we can’t move cattle panels, or even unbury our spares. When we’ve tried with the tractor, all we do is bend it out of recognition, and still fail to move it.

So the two options I see are to move Hermione to the livestock trailer, where at least she will be contained, and we can let her out for exercise from time to time. It has a roof, we can filled it with hay. Not ideal, but acceptable. Getting her there would be doable, we think. Just open the gate, keep her from trying to walk to the village again (like the last time they got out), let her get hungry, and she’ll follow a slop bucket in.

Gone walk-about

The other would be to block her into the pig palace with a pallet or something, and keep Ginny from getting in. But that would leave Ginny exposed to the weather, and it snowed all day yesterday, with more coming this weekend. We might be able to move one of the heavy metal panels to lean against the front of the Pig Palace, giving her some shelter.

Frank wants to try option one first. Wish us luck!

Let us in, please! Cute as Minerva is, and trust me, she is criminally cute, I really really don’t want another house piglet. All those stereotypes about how messy pigs are exist for a reason! She covered my house in yogurt and milk stains, and I just got it clean again. She has spent two nights outside now, and is doing okay with it, but would really like to come in where her buddies are, and where it is warm. It’s heartbreaking to keep saying no, but, um, no. Piggies live outside.

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