Let the lambing begin!

Cutie Fiona started us off with a bang this morning. We woke up to two lambs, a moorit badger-faced boy and a black ewe lamb. She’s always got things under control, and I didn’t jug her. Basically, she took over one of the sheds and kicked everyone out, which is fine. It was a beautiful day, so they didn’t need to be inside anyway!

Later in the afternoon, I brought all of the sheepies over some treats, and gave Fiona some brocolli stems, which she loves. That convinced her to leave the lambs with me for a few minutes, and I got a quick video of the lambs. I love the way baby lambs sound. So distinctive!

Naomi and lamb Naomi lambed in the early afternoon, after separating herself from the herd, so I knew she was the next to go. She had a little black badger-face ewe lamb that looks exactly like her! Cute. I wasn’t sure she was done, though, so I didn’t go check for sex or anything for a while, and she seemed fine, so I left her alone and we kept working on running fence around where my garden is going to go.

Selina and two moorit ram lambs I went back to check about 20 minutes later, and there was mayhem in the pen — two little moorit ram lambs not sure who their mama was, and Selina and Naomi both trying to claim them both. I was pretty convinced that both ram lambs were Selina’s, so jugged them that way, but one of them slipped through the pallet into where I had Naomi jugged, and she had him nursing, so maybe I was wrong and Selina didn’t twin, but Naomi did. I’m leaving them alone for a bit to see how it sorts out. It’s plausible either way, since Miguel is the daddy of both.What a day. We’ve never had three ewes go on the first day, and we still might have two more tonight. Both Doppa and June are showing signs.

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