Ok. We get it!

In the pond Like a duck to water. Our little freaky water fowl are giddy today. There is water! Coming from the sky! Someone truly loves them. They are happy happy happy. They get in the pond and have water below and above? Oh. my. God. !!!!!

Goosies Silly goose. They are little goofy silly beasts, the lot of them. They flap their little wings and run away from almost anything new. Eeek! Scary! Whenever they hear my voice, they come running to me so quickly, and they sound like excited little children. I’m only starting to hear the first honks these days. It sounds so silly.

Like grass through a goose. Yep, still green when it comes out. And boy do they eat a lot of it.

We want lunch! Eat like a horse or Hungry as a horse. Oh yeah. They eat non-stop. all the live long day. We have three Percheron horses. What were we thinking? A bale of hay per day, each. Hay is in such short supply, and it is SO expensive these days.

Busy as a bee. When you are in the flight path of the hives, duck and run, man. Get the heck out of dodge, asap.

Silence of the lambs. No, not the movie. But lambs NEVER shut up. We call it the Coyote Cry, announcing that supper is on.

Seriously, Gellert! Piggy back. Just a picture. Need I say more? I have about 20 shots like this. He never ever quits.

Long haul. Hauling crap is hard damn work. We haul a lot of crap. Literally and figuratively.

Stuck in the mud Stuck in the mud. Why oh why can’t we learn and quit doing it every single year?

Get in the groove. Another mud season story, best described by Walter.

Nest egg. We really know what that means. We take eggs from our chickens every day, but we leave a little golf ball in the nest as a nest eggs, so they don’t fret. It works.

Pig pen. “Oh I’ve heard pigs are clean if you’ll let them be.” Oh really? Let me introduce you to my pigs. They prefer it muddy and mucky, thanks very much. Wallows rock! They dump their food and water bins, preferring to eat it off of the ground. Mmm. Tofu dipped in horse manure and mud. Yum!

One we don’t get. Counting sheep jumping a fence is NOT relaxing.

One we don’t want to learn. Wild goose chase. No thanks. I’ll take it on your word!

All the clichés about sheep seem to apply to other people’s sheep, not ours. Our sheep think they are goats.

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