One Local Summer — Week 1

The One Local Summer challenge begins today. They challenge you to eat one complete meal from your local foodshed, usually defined as within 100 miles of your house, each week. I did it last summer, and am glad that it’s happening again this year. I challenged people in my area to try it as well. One meal a week is a pretty low bar! I think I am better prepared this year to eat mostly off our farm, which is as local as it gets.

Dinner For today’s dinner, we had our own lamb, a gravy made with homemade lamb stock and dried black trumpet mushrooms from last fall, homemade egg noodles with chives, blossoms included, and fiddleheads that I foraged in our driveway. The only thing that technically isn’t local is the flour that I used in the noodles, but since I used a 12-whole-grain mix from King Arthur in Norwich, Vermont, I’m counting it all as local. Their mothership is only an hour from me.

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