My Climber and escape artists

Climber Oh does she love to climb things, including round hay bales, firewood piles, decks, ladders. The higher she can get, the more she loves it. But it has to be in the light. She’ll refuse and whine about jumping onto my bed in the middle of the night and insists that I turn on the light first, the big spoiled baby. Some places I think she just likes the extra attention or something, like jumping into the back of the pick up truck. She waits for me to help her up because I did it that way for so long, I guess.

Tethered pup Bjarki is so determined to go to the village in the morning at the witching hour (when the kids are waiting for the school bus — captive audience!) that he just can’t be trusted. So we’ve strung a lead and I’ve been tethering him to it when I can’t keep my eye on him every second. (Just before this picture was taken he was headed off down the driveway with his big red jolly ball.) All of the turkeys love having him as a captive audience instead. I’ve yet to find a fence that’ll hold him either and I’m really tired of half the village calling me to tell me that my pretty boy showed up, climbed under their fence to knock on their door with a ball! Silly boy.

No sign of her going into heat again yet. I think the last time was July, so we probably have a few more months. I’m not going to breed her until she’s over two years old, though.

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