No power, no fun

Iced What an ice storm! The power went out about three in the morning. I could hear tree branches falling all night long, and it looked like a war zone when we woke up. I’d say there’s at least two inches of solid ice coating everything and it’s still coming down.

The worst part when you have critters is that the electric fences don’t work and neither does the well pump or the heaters in everyone’s water trough. I loaded up the truck with buckets and went down to the fire station to use their hose. It took two trips to get everyone water. What a hassle.

The pigs went walk-about, of course, both to the village and up Baine road. Helpful neighbors shooed them back by car. Damn pigs. There is much unauthorized fucking going on, but I guess that’s okay. We’ll have babies in mid-March at this point. I was hoping for April, but that obviously wasn’t meant to be.

I really don’t know when we’ll get power back. We don’t have a battery operated radio, nor working flashlights. We are making due with candles and a propane lantern. The battery on my camera isn’t even charged. We’ll head into Keene at some point for an internet fix and supplies.

We so need a generator.

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