Winter is Coming

Beautiful morning I hate to admit it, but my mother was right. I should have stayed Catholic and had lots of kids. I could really use a bunch of them right around now. It’s Fall on a farm in the Icebox of Cheshire County, Marlow, New Hampshire. We are beyond behind. We are so unprepared for this winter that we may be in a previous life.

Pulling Danny in for the night is still really hard, and Elly is still bellowing a lot at night. She had me wide awake at 3 in the morning today. That’s going to make for a really long day when I have to then stay awake for calf rodeo this evening.

All my cow friends tell me that It Will Get Better Soon, Promise. But they also say things like, “Well, let me see what the kids are doing, because to be honest, bringing in the calves is the kids’ job. I’m usually cooking dinner/milking the cow/feeding the pigs.”

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