Melt, baby, melt!

Danny's first snow We got the first real snow of the season overnight, about four or five inches. We have lots of critters who didn’t know what it was. Danny danced around on tiptoes for a while. We doubt Maggie’s seen snow before, since she was from way down south, Tennessee or Mississippi. The ground under the snow is so muddy, soaked with all the rain that we’ve had lately. It’s just really a mess out there.

Of course, we are as ready for snow as we always are, which is not very ready at all. We haven’t finished the fencing where the pigs will over-winter, and I haven’t figure out where the horses will stay, either. We worked out there all day today, running fence in the snow, hoping that it melts. It always snows a couple of times and then melts before staying snow-covered for the rest of the winter. Well, not always, but usually, and it’s going to happen this year. Right? Right.

Hi ho, hi ho I love my hardy Icelandic chickens. I know lots of people who have chickens that basically shut down for the winter, stop laying eggs, and who don’t go out in the snow. Not these guys, though. They were a little shocked by the white stuff when we opened up the coop this morning, and a few of them tried to fly to warmer ground, which didn’t work very well. But then Egil headed the charge out the door. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go! These Icelandic chickens are used to low-light conditions of winter, and the cold weather, so just keep on keeping on.

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