New Things

The puppies are just over three weeks old now. They are getting so mobile! They waddle around all over the place, play with their siblings, and are starting to play with toys, too. Their tails are just starting to point upward and I’m seeing a few starting to curl. I think two of them (yellow and red) are going to have long hair like Disa. I think the purple girl is still the calmest of the bunch. Little Blue is still the smallest, but the patch on his face is just precious. Remember, if you are interested in a puppy, see the details here and contact me. If you are near me, come by to see them.

We had someone out from the USDA office to help us apply for the High Tunnel grant program. If we get it, we’ll plant peppers and tomatoes, but mostly peppers. I’m from El Paso originally, and there just aren’t good peppers grown up here. I’m determined to change that! Combined with the tomatillos and onions that grow so well here, that’s chili verde enchilada sauce right there. I love that stuff. Frank’s been looking with longing at what we’d be able to get and we are planting it up in our heads already! At our size, we’d get 48 feet by 20 feet high tunnel. That would grow a lot of peppers!

Goose eggs, duck eggs, chicken eggs I’m itching to start seeds, but suddenly our fences are falling apart all over the place. We have got to spend some serious time fixing what’s out there really quickly, and then sugaring season feels like it could come early this year. The sheep are looking quite pregnant, as are two of the sows. I need to figure out where the ducks and geese are laying and get some hay back in the sheds so they’ll lay there. By this time last year, I was having duck eggs to bake with and goose eggs to poach.

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