The Must Do Now List

Maybe if I write them down I will stop obsessing about them!

Finish running the wire on the new paddock for the horses and cows.

Partition a section out of that for the pigs and move them.

Build a chicken coop for the Chanteclers. Or assemble the metal storage thing I picked up off of Freecycle and turn that into a coop somehow.

Figure out where we are going to winter the sheep.

Firewood. (Oy. We are so behind on firewood.)

Catch and deliver 8 piglets to trade for Zippy. Bring Zippy home.

Pick up new gilts from Vermont.

(Figure out how we will integrate new very young pigs into the herd. Where to put them? Maybe pull Minnie out to keep them company … somewhere.)

Catch the rest of the Icelandic cockerels who are roosting in the trees and get them out of here.

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