Happy Maggie Day

Happy Maggie Day It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year that we’ve had Maggie. She’s such a joy to have around and it’s made such a huge difference on our farm. We lost so many animals to predators before she arrived, and now that she’s the new sheriff in town, they all stay much farther away. It’s fantastic. I’ve watcher her stalk and kill a crow too close to the piglets. She showed me a coyote that she killed.

She is the cuddliest girl in all the land. She’s completely bonded to both Frank and myself. She loves loves loves her boyfriend Bjarki, and she and Disa think that the two of them run this farm. She really likes Faith and Buffy and is teaching them well.

She’s come a long way in terms of being aggressive toward people. She mostly understands that people are okay, though she’s still scary. And she HATES hunters. There’s something about a man with a gun that freaks her the fuck out.

She knows the routine well now. When we come out in the morning, she gets lots of cuddles and play time with me and the Icies. We do all of the morning chores and she follows us around. Then she gets some raw meat and we put her back behind a fence where she spends the day, mostly sleeping, sometimes playing with Buffy and Faith. In the evening, when we close up the chicken coop for the night, we let her out again. She plays with everyone for a while again, and then goes on duty. The first thing she does is check out the perimeter of her farm, now with Faith and Buffy with her. We can hear her barking much of the night from all over the farm. We bring the Icies in for the night, but sometimes they want out to go help when all three Pyrs sound the alarm.

We’re so glad to have her!

1. Maggie the Magnificent, 2. Watching us work, 3. My Three Pyrs, 4. Magnificent Maggie, 5. Time for chase!, 6. Tummy rubbing time, 7. My pups, 8. Maggie, Randy and Dandy, 9. Bury the Bread, 10. Smooch!, 11. Roki and Maggie, 12. Me & The Magster, 13. Maggie’s first snow

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