A muddy mess

New ewe lamb About a week ago, I got a very polite inquiry from a reporter from a newspaper in Iceland, asking why we had so many Icelandic critters. Were we Icelandic? Had we visited? After chatting back and forth for several days, she wrote me today to point me to the article she’d written about our little farm. How cool is that?! (http://translate.google.com does a pretty good translation.) I have hopes that someone in Iceland who raises Icelandic chickens will read it and help us get some more eggs on this side of the pond.

Chocolate Mint Soymilk Pigs are such, well, pigs! Their paddock is just a big old muddy mess these days. We’ve had almost 4 inches of rain in the last couple of days and it’s still raining. We’re feeding them lots of dairy and chocolate soy milk and they are in heaven, but it’s not sticking to their ribs, so we are feeding many times a day. We’re both covered in pig slop and mud, which is really kind of gross. Pigs stink.

Buffy and Maggie I noticed today just how much bigger Buffy is than both Faith and Maggie. She’s a big girl! She’s not the brightest of the bunch, that’s for sure. Faith is probably the smartest of the three, and the cuddliest. After weeks of keeping them all behind a fence during the day, Faith and Buffy have again figured a way out and we need to spy on them to catch them in the act.

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