I love Freecycle

You know about Freecycle, right?

It’s a bonanza for farmers, I tell you.

I’ve gotten a big old bathtub to use for watering pigs. Tip that over, Hermione.

A truck cap that I hope to turn into a chicken coop.

A frame for a trailer that I can’t wait to have.

I’ve gotten random pieces of fencing and chicken wire.

Freezers and refrigerators.

A dog bed for Maggie.

Today it was a truckload of hay that we can use for bedding.

I’ve also given a bunch of stuff — as the kids moved out and we cleaned out their rooms — custom built Iguana cage, anyone?

I really need to go through my wardrobe and pass most of it on. I can’t quite wrap my head around the size I actually am, though, nor believe I really won’t need all those suits again some day.

Anyway, Freecyle: Good! I follow both the Claremont one and the Monadnock one.

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