Chantecler Chickens for Sale

Pierre and his girls We have a very nice flock of one year old Partridge Chantecler Chickens for sale. We have 12 hens and one rooster, Pierre, who we got last year as day old chicks from Ideal poultry. They lay a medium brown egg and we are getting a dozen eggs a day from them.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Our problem is having two very rare breeds of chickens that we would like to keep from intermingling. They both fly well. Right now, we are letting one flock out to roam each day, which to be honest, just isn’t very nice for either flock. They would both much prefer to be out and about, and who can blame them?

We’ve had our Icelandic chickens for much longer, and have put a lot of time, energy and money into breeding with them, and it makes more sense for us to concentrate our energies on them. Keeping the two breeds apart is almost impossible, even with clipping wings. They are very agile birds.

We can’t ship the flock, so we will only sell to someone who comes and gets them on our small farm here in southwestern New Hampshire. Make us an offer! They are lovely, nice birds, who laid really well all winter long.

No one has gone broody yet, but they are only a year old, so a bit young for that. We have eggs coming out our ears at this point and are going to stick a big batch into the incubator, so we’ll soon have chicks as well.

Lots of photos of them here

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  1. I am interested in your flock of Partridge Chanteclers. I live in Ct. it would be a short ride to southern N.H. Thanks Moe


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