Fall Comes Early This Year

We’re scheduling the annual trip to freezer camp a bit early this year, and it’s going to be a very full bus. We’ll be taking cattle and pigs to the USDA inspected slaughterhouse on August 1. Depending on interest, we’ll take either one or two cows, and from one up to four pigs.

Fall is of course the busy season. Every farmer wants to get the most possible growth on grass, and use the least possible hay. We have incentive to beat the rush.

Danny is just under two, but he is taking “Fencebuster Farm” a bit too literally. He is way too skilled at breaking through a woven wire fence. I don’t need the work or the expense. Zippy does not appear likely to actually have a calf. If it’s not here by August, it’s not coming. She did appear pregnant back in April, but no longer does. Also, since May, Danny has been acting like she’s open. We’re beginners, we could have done something wrong, but the guy we got her from had to have her vet checked to decide she was pregnant after four months of trying. We’ll just go cow shopping again and not risk throwing good hay after bad.

We’ve also had a very disappointing piglet year. Lots of sows looking pregnant, few piglets on the ground. Despite Albus having done his duty in the past, I’m wondering about him. In the meanwhile, we have sows that did not produce piglets when others did.

We’ve done a poor job of pricing in the past. While we figure our situation out we are shamelessly cribbing from respected colleagues: Walter Jeffries at Sugar Mountain farm for pork, and Bo-Riggs Cattle Company, just down the road in Sullivan, for beef.

We strongly encourage pre-ordering. When I fill out the cut sheets, I will make sure to get everything that has been ordered. I’ll make a reasonable choice on the rest, but the inventory will be what it is, and the good stuff will go fast. Note that whole and half animals, primal and custom cuts are only available by pre-order.


Half Cow $80 + $3.50/lb*
Primals $4.50/lb*
Hamburger $5.99
Stew Meat $6.99
Beef Short Ribs $7.99
Brisket $8.99
London Broil $8.99
Chuck Eye $8.99
Bottom Round Roast $9.99
Top Round Roast $9.99
Bottom Round Swiss Roast $9.99
Standing Rib Roast $14.99
Tenderloin Roast $17.99
Center Cut Shin Steak $6.99
Eye of the Round $10.99
Sirloin Tip Steak $14.99
Loin Flank Steak $14.99
Skirt Steak $14.99
Rib Strip Steak $14.99
Sirloin Steak $14.99
Porter House Steak $16.99
T-Bone Steak $16.99
Tenderloin Steak $17.99


Whole pig* $75 + $3.00/lb
Half pig* $35 + $3.25/lb
Primals* $3.75/lb
Fresh Ham $5.50
Smoked Ham $8.50
Bacon $9.80
Pork Chops $7.00
Fresh Shoulder $6.00
Smoked Shoulder $9.00
Tenderloin $9.80
Loin Roast $8.40
Ground Pork $5.50

Email for custom cuts not listed. frank@mackhillfarm.com

A happy animal is a yummy animal. Come meet them, and place an order to eat them.

4 thoughts on “Fall Comes Early This Year”

  1. Hi – I bought some lamb and pork maybe 2 years ago, met Lisa in Mass (I’m in CT) – and I’m wondering if you will also have lamb and various poultry available later? The stuff was unbelievably awesome and delicious, and I’d like to get more, but as a single person I need to see if any of my friends will also want some so it’s worth your trip. Thanks.

    • We don’t won’t have lamb: we sold all our ram lambs on the hoof as a brush clearing crew back in June.

      We do expect to have chicken and turkey. I think I know why we didn’t get as many goslings as we hoped, but that doesn’t produce geese.

  2. Thanks for that quick answer – too bad (for me) about the lamb. I’ll see what I can do about getting in an order and contact Lisa through TUS.


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