As if having 6 dogs was perfectly normal

It’s been really interesting to watch Disa raise Gaela. It sure has made it easy to have a puppy, that’s for sure.

When Gaela wants to chase a chicken, Disa will body block then stick a stick in her mouth. Distraction!

When Gaela wants to play tug of war with my sleeves or gloves, Disa will push her off and bring a toy instead.

Take down When Gaela gets a bit too obnoxious with grabbing Disa’s tail or collar as she loves to do, Disa will pin her to the ground until she calms down. Is so fun to watch the interactions.

But heaven help any of the other dogs who might think about doing the same thing to Gaela. Disa will have none of that. Gaela got too close to a Maggie bone the other day and she growled at her, and Disa went ballistic, snapping at Maggie, nearly starting a huge fight. I had to pull her away by her tail, and then Bjarki and Gaela were all getting involved and ugh.

Happy pups Luckily, that hasn’t happened very often. Mostly having six dogs instead of five has been pretty easy. They are all so happy with this new snow. Better late than never, I guess. They all walk around eating it constantly, and it makes them all act like puppies. So much playing, so happy, so giddy. The Pyrs sleep out in it, sprawled out on top of snow piles, almost blending in. Maggie’s fur has all come back and they are all in their thick winter coats, so snow is a good thing.

Plowing with puppy I’m not sure what upset Gaela about me plowing the driveway with the tractor, though. Disa and Bjarki bark and follow me all the time on the tractor, so that’s nothing new. But Gaela howled and cried the whole time, kept trying to get up on the tractor with me, but then didn’t want to stay up there with me. This was the first time she’s seen me do it, though, so maybe it was just the newness. Her howl is adorable, though. She does it all the time, at everything. Too cute!

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