Before snow flies …

I’m hearing forecasts of “accumulating snow” for Sunday and Monday, so am trying to write down the must do stuff so I can stop fretting about it.

Go make one more attempt to catch the black Icie hen on the other fricking side of the state. I did manage to catch the black and white one, but the black one is so damn spooky and wild, but worth one more attempt.

Figure out a spot for the fence posts that will be needed for the fencing party on December 29th and make sure they won’t get buried in the snow.

Hang a tarp over the barn where there should be a door because the door is not going to be built in time.

Put a tarp over the chicken coop because that roof won’t be fixed yet either probably.

Or maybe pick up metal roof on Saturday if we can get the truck started? (Why now, Murphy, really?)

Get the hoses coiled and put away and out of the pathway so we don’t trip on them all winter.

Get another dog trolley hung because where we are tying up Maggie isn’t working and she can’t be trusted. I came home yesterday to find she’d slipped it and was chasing a bicyclist on the road. So dangerous. I was so pissed off I think the dogs are all still a bit wary of me today.

Pick up grain and figure out where we can store multiple bags outside. The geese and turkeys can open a bag and serve themselves, not good, makes a mess, invites critters, wastes a lot.

Move the big freezer currently blocking the universe and on its side. Not sure where to move it to but it can’t stay where it is all winter.

I wonder how much we’ll get done?

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