Bye, Birch

Birch We traded one of our rams (Miguel) for Birch in 2010, needing new blood in our flock. He sure is a pretty boy, isn’t he? He’s also very parasite resistant, never having been wormed even once and staying in great condition. We never really bonded with him. He’s not the kind of sheep that is bonded with, always wary, always looking to find a way to make you go away, by force if necessary. We hadn’t been used to that in rams, but quickly learned that he just wasn’t safe to be around, ever. He also killed ram lambs, like Tiny Tim, which made me vow to get rid of him soon.

Very bad critters He really, really likes cows, and hung out with Zippy and Danny all the time. When we first moved and had the sheep next to a flock of beef cattle, he immediately left the sheep to hang out with the cows. After we got him back, he’d see them across the way and call out to them, missing them, never mind that he was with his supposed flock of sheep.

So we get to this new place, have fence set up for the sheep. He of course bangs his way out (it is rut season, after all), crosses the street and walks to the big sheep farm about a quarter mile away, entering the paddock where the farmer had sheep who he couldn’t get into the barn and was going to ship them off to auction because who needs pain in the neck sheep? Exactly. Birch is off to auction with them and we’ll take whatever he brings in a trade for hay. Yay.

As they say, rest in pieces.

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