Here comes the snow

We are forecast to get over a foot of snow.

I’ve been running around madly, getting done everything I can get done, and made it pretty far through my list.

The fencing party we had scheduled for Saturday is cancelled, though. If only the snow had waited a few more days, we could have had fence. Oh well. I’m managing the Pyrs with tethers and barn stalls and moving them around. They don’t really like it, but no one is suffering and they are all sort of getting used to it.

Jeremy is coming up for a visit, on the road from New Jersey and basically racing the storm up the coast. He should get here before the snow if all goes well, and I’m looking forward to spending some time with him. I had set the fencing party for when he was set to be here but I’ll just have to get him to help me shovel instead.

Happy blizzard!

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