Dashed Expectations

Pretty Disa In case you hadn’t heard, Disa had what the vet called “a classic false pregnancy”. Her body went into milk, she gained almost 7 pounds, but no actual babies. She did all of the nesting, bringing socks and shoes to the nesting box, but she never really got depressed and upset, so that’s good. It’s sad we’ll have no puppies right now. We were ready! I think the timing was just wrong. We were in the middle of moving when she went into heat, and two of the ties happened when we had the truck loaded and were ready to roll. We (obviously) waited for a while after they were finished, but it was also obviously not long enough. Too much stress and uncertainty, not to mention physical motion, I bet. Oh well.

As her hormones get back into whack, she’ll lose this weight, probably shed, I hear, but we don’t need to skip her next heat if we want to attempt it again. I am very tempted to look for a black and white registered stud because I may only get one more litter from her.

Geese in the snow We seemed to have over-prepared for Nemo and then escaped the brunt of the storm, even. Go, team! We got a mere nine inches or so of snow. Enough to be plowed, everything looks all pretty, we have the happiest dogs in the all of the land, we kept power. Wow! How unusual for us to catch a break in all ways. We have a weekend to get stuff done around here, then, instead of struggling like the rest of New England seems to be.

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