Happy Winter

Mixed Flock Winter has hit this week. We had single digit temps Sunday night, and the snow has stuck. Fortunately, only a few inches, just enough to whitewash away the mud and bird poop and make everything pretty.

The contractor (who is also the snow plow guy) got a few truckloads of sur-pack onto the driveway last week. After last spring’s washout, there was no way he could have plowed this winter, nor could we have gotten in or out.

Both sets of barn doors are up. The turkeys and chickens have taken to spending the nights indoors, but the waterfowl are still staying outside. Maggie and Buffy have also moved into the barn. Buffy still naps in her purple palace, but goes into the barn on cold nights. This is the geese’ sixth winter with us, and they can go in if they want to, so I’m not worried about them.

I am worried about the ducks however. We’ve swapped our mallard descendants for muscovies, who, despite the name, hail from Brazil. They’re apparently fine in an unheated barn, but an ice storm can kill anyone. I’m concerned that they won’t know when to get out of Dodge.

The bunnies seem to be doing fine. We see them in all the same places, and they appreciate a cuddle if I meet them in the barn. With the grass gone, they are not satisfied with only alfalfa hay, rabbit chow and sunflower seeds, but have taken to chewing holes in the bags of bird grain. I know it’s the rabbits, because the birds know how to open the drawstring on top which is easier for them.

Last week when I inconsiderately dropped 40 pounds of Maggie’s kibble on top of the bunny food, they chewed open three bags in one night. Why yes, all mammals come equipped with a complete set of emotions, and most are smarter than most people think.

DSCN2282 The puppies are thrilled. Cold! Snow! New and wonderful.

I suspect only the dogs will still feel this way in February.

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