Let it snow!

It’s been sort of power flurrying for the last few days, so I thought this first big storm was going to hit us earlier rather than later.

We got all ready for it before hand, go us. The last two things left on the to-do list just got finished, and it hasn’t even started snowing yet: rearrange the vehicles in the driveway for the plow guy, and put all the toys in the toy box from the puppy yard and bring it all up on the porch. With two ten week old Icelandic Sheepdog puppies to entertain, I need many, many toys in my arsenal, quicklike.

Soon it will snow, and that’ll tire them out for a while. I can’t wait! Bored Icies are not for the faint of heart.

I have a huge pot of soup done, and pizza, so we are set for food.

Oddly enough, the birds aren’t acting like a big storm is coming. All the grain feeders were still full this evening. Huh. The weatherdudes say we are in the footish range.

Elska would like everyone to know that she has mastered going down the stairs. She’d still prefer to be carried up, but she goes down like a trooper now, zoom!

2 thoughts on “Let it snow!”

    • Yeah, Elska is only with me for a few more weeks, and then she’s going all the way to Oregon. I’m trying to take lots of videos and photos of her to help her family with not being able to have her yet due to prescheduled travel plans.


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