Roast Goose for Christmas

Roasted Goose
I roasted one of our geese for dinner today, and it came out really lovely. I stuffed the cavity with oranges, rosemary, thyme, and onions, and scored the skin pretty thoroughly, and that’s about it. Very easy, quite tasty.

And, being on a farm as we are, nothing goes to waste. The dogs all got goose guts and were very happy with that. We’re rendering fat in the crockpot, and have already pulled off a pint of gloriously pure white fat, and we’ll make stock tomorrow.

I hope the families that bought our geese enjoyed them as much as we did! I really like raising geese, and though I make some money from eggs in the spring, I really must have a market for extra ganders at Christmas. The flock just won’t work with too many boys, so the table it must be. Roasted goose is delicious!

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