Slush Driving — A New Winter Olympic Sport

Bringing home the Poultry processing gear yesterday was less than successful. I reached the top of the hill tolerably, but when I turned the wheel, we kept going straight, into a snow bank of course.

Taking advantage of daylight and 14 more hours of thawing, I went out this morning and unhitched the trailer. With some combination of daredevil driving (I’ve spent most of my life in “Hold my coffee and watch this” country.), the mystic power of organic wheat bran, and Disa’s ability to control the universe by barking (just ask her), I got the truck out of the snow and on to the flat. Doing about half the traveling at a 45 degree angle was kind of ‘exhilarating’.

The tow strap turned out to be in the Audi, which is in the shop, so I had Lisa back the truck back down to the trailer, oriented correctly this time, and managed to pull it up the hill. She then backed it as far out of the driveway as it will go, where it awaits the arrival this evening of Favorite Son, who can help me manhandle it around to get it farther away.

It was then my turn again for some excitement. I headed off to the recycling center, which entailed a three point turn next to the trailer, one with the front wheels in 6 inches of slush an inch or two from the cliff off the side of the hill. I didn’t actually get stuck, but again had some of that exhilarating 45 degree angle traveling, ending up literally touching the trailer. Fortunately I was then able to exit without further ado.

There are many good things to say about Cascadia.

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  1. Whew! Sounds exciting enough–might have been even more exciting if you’d been transporting the poultry for processing rather than the processing equipment. 🙂

    Prior to Thanksgiving, I had my own excitement, learning the truth of the notice that the bridge freezes before the rest of the road–and also the truth that an unloaded pickup with rear-wheel drive doesn’t handle very well in icy weather…


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