Fiddlehead Frittata with ramps

Fiddlehead Frittata

Every spring when we find fiddleheads, it seems I must make a frittata. I am pretty sure it’s the law.

Here’s what I do for my version:

Heat up cast iron skillet with goose fat
Toss in one peeled and diced potato, add salt and pepper
Cut up four or five ramps, small red bell pepper, handful of mushrooms, some celery
Stir potatoes, add veg, cook until the veg is tender
Mix 6 eggs with some cream
Add to skillet, lower heat, cover
Shred all the different cheeses that you have in the ice box until you have about a cup. Today we used parm, cheddar, blue and mozz.
Add the cheese to the top of the skillet
Add the fiddleheads on top (pre-blanched)
Stick under the broiler for a few minutes, watching carefully

So yum! I look forward to it every year and think about it while hunting for the ramps and fiddleheads. We are having a great year for them this year.

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