Panda boyHarlie

This little male puppy is available and ready to go! He had the first deposit placed in the litter, but then that person had to back out, and then another person jumped at the chance and then she had to back out. So the puppy who always got the most interest is our last puppy available. All his littermates are with their new families, and he is ready to find his perfect spot!

Pretty pattern Tired baby

We call him Harlie because of his black and white harlequin pattern. He’s going to look a lot like his grandmother Katina.

Galdur -- sire of the current litter

His father is Galdur, a gorgeous and sweet black male. So instead of Harley Davidson, he’s Harlie Galdursson, in the Icelandic fashion of how you take your father’s name.

His mama is Gaela. This is her first litter, and she did great. What a fantastic mother she has been. She really likes her puppies! It’s been very cool to have seen her be born, watch her grow up and have her own puppies.

Happy Girl She’s such a beautiful, sweet and cuddly girl, and that temperament has come through in the puppies. Harlie is a little sweetheart, quite affectionate, loves to cuddle, a snugglebug like his mama. She’s been enjoying the extra time with Harlie, and the two of them are cut from the same cloth, even if he doesn’t look like her at all!

At the vet His ideal family would be active. He loves kids and cats, and well, everyone, in a typical Icelandic Sheepdog fashion. He’s a little go-getter, fearless, but has a nice off switch already. He’s potty trained, and comes when called very well for such a young boy. He’s had his first vet visit and shots, has rear double dewclaws, singles in the front. His ears are up, both testicles have descended properly. His tail curls nicely, up off his back. He sticks with the pack when we hunt mushrooms in the woods, off leash. He loves water! He’s going to be a little fish like his grandmother, Disa.

Because I’ve already received a deposit for him, he’s available for $1,000. Please spread the word! Contact me at lisa.richards@gmail.com if you are interested.

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  1. Hello,
    I have met Loki at Lisa Kaiman’s farm and absolutely adore him. Lisa mentioned that you might be willing to barter for a puppy. I am a massage therapist in Chester, vt and would consider offering massages in the form of gift certificates. You could come in on a regular schedule or give them away as gifts. Feel free to visit my website and get back to me. We do have another dog who is very friendly and loves to play. Of course, we’d all have to meet and see if we have a good fit! Thank you for considering, Kelley Kehoe


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