Gaela x Skundi planned litter

Gaela x Skundi

So our gorgeous Gaela girl is expected to go into heat sometime this month, September of 2015.

We have several people interested in one of her puppies already. I have reservations for two girls and one boy, and am talking to several other people already. If you are interested in placing a deposit, jump on it! I will most likely only take one more deposit. She had six puppies in her first litter, four boys and two girls.

So for this litter, we want to emphasize her foxy look, so went looking for a foxy stud as well. We’ve chosen to use handsome Skundi, who lives in Oklahoma.

He carries black and white tri, and since Disa is Gaela’s mother, she obviously carries it as well, so we might get a few tri puppies as well.

You can read about him here.

This is Gaela’s pedigree. This is Skundi’s pedigree.

I think we are close to her coming into heat, earlier in the the month than I thought, but I always pick up on heat very early on. My girls are all humping each other though, so we are going to schedule a visit from Skundi very very soon! No one else should be even close to coming in heat.

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  1. I am very interested in one of your Icelandic Shepherd puppies. Would you please send me an application via email? We have a 12 year old Klee Kai, still very active. She & we lost her sibling 18 months ago. She is board, and we need some puppy energy to liven up the place. We feel the Icelandic Shepard will fit into our family very well: Dave the husband, Jan the wife, Alyeska the Klee Kai, and Diva the Ragdoll kitty. I have been told by Klee Kai breeders that I should get a male dog as female Klee Kais may have difficulty welcoming another female. Would that be possible? We will not breed or show, so pet quality is great. Thank you, Jan

  2. Hi from Chicago!
    My boys (ages 4, 10, 13) and I were researching Icelandic Sheepdogs and came across your website. Your dogs and their puppies look adorable! We are very interested in owning one ourselves. Are you still accepting reservations? If not, we would be very interested in the next litter. Could you please tell us when that would be? We look forward to hearing back.
    Thank you,

    • Hi,

      We are still going to accept one more reservation, for a boy, in Gaela’s next litter, which will make 4 puppies reserved. We expect five or six puppies, but don’t want to overpromise. After that, we expect to breed Stina and Nella in late 2016, with pups sometime in that fall/winter.

      • Thank you for your prompt response! Could you please tell us if there are significant differences between males and females of this breed? We are more or less indifferent to gender, but wanted to know what to expect. How big does each gender get? Any differences in their temperament? Thanks again!


  3. Hi. My name is MeLinda Hughes. I was referred to you by Holly Kilpatrick. I am interested in a female show prospect. I have been involved in conformation showing for 28 years and I am an AKC Breeder of Merit of Keeshonden. I can provide references, if needed.
    Thank you


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