More clearing

It was a nice warm day today, probably in the 50s. The ground is still snow covered, but we were inspired enough to attack the area where I want to put in a veggie garden and start an orchard.

0414_007.jpg This is really tricky stuff, though, because it can be so discouraging and I have to be able to wait for years to see it happen. First, we cut the trees. Then, we de-limb the trees and most often, burn them. We can only burn when the ground is still snow-covered, but it’s hard, wet work to tromp through knee deep or more snow to get to the branches. Then we have to de-stump. And de-rock. Then we’ll have to add a ton of dirt, and start the terracing, which means hauling in huge rocks to make stone walls. All that has to happen before I can plant a single veggie, darnit.

0414_006.jpgI’m also worried a little bit about where a couple of these trees fell. This view is sort of south-west from the house, but a couple of the trees fell way east, and I know the tip of one hit the gazebo on the way down, and landed on a couple rose bushes from the side yard. I sure hope they will be okay! The snow is so deep there that I really can’t reach it without way too much work, so I was lazy and left it. I’ll get to it tomorrow, maybe. I am so tired now.

I am going to go down to the basement and pot some more window boxes though. I’m starting to wonder if 100 window boxes lining the deck is such a great idea after all. It takes about 20 minutes per box to prepare the soil properly, adding fertilizer and compost, breaking up all the soil and digging out the old roots and such. Plus a lot of these were under the pine tree, so are covered in pine needles, and the soil in those boxes is very acidic. Then I soak the soil thoroughly, then start with the little seedlings. I hope I’m not placing the seedlings too close together. They’re so small now, and I am trying to give them lots of room to grow, but I also want really full window boxes, so the flowers really cascade over the sides of the deck. Who knows.

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