Spring has sprung

0423_005.jpgI took a ton of pictures today. The snow has just about gone, and we went walking outside today with the kitties. First time, really, that we can be outside without sweaters. (I’m going to have to figure out how to break this page into sections, or eventually it won’t load from too many pictures. Hmmm.)

0423_015.jpgThe front of the house is looking good. There are daylillies and a few other bulbs just starting to poke their noses out. It looks like most of the mulch made it through the winter snow melt, though the new sure-pack gravel stuff we put on the driveway didn’t always do so well.

0423_016.jpg There’s one major rut, where it looks like the snowplow guy took the path off of the actual driveway, and we drove down in the mud because we couldn’t get through any other way. Significant damage, though. We’ll have to get that repaired for sure.

The side yard is looking great. I saw some tulip bulbs for sure. There are definite ruts in what is supposed to be a lawn, but there is no grass actually growing there. I think we’ll have to do major reseeding, and I’m wondering if we should be out there now, actually, throwing seed really soon. I think I will call Skip tomorrow.

I ordered four more plug trays from the Jollies. Who knows why the whole order didn’t ship last week, but I guess pacing myself with them will actually work out okay. I didn’t get down to the basement today at all, actually. Being outside was much more fun! But the deck will be so pretty with all my window boxes in full bloom. Stay motivated, girl!

0423_020.jpg Frank moved my tractor out from under the tarp today. He said it started up without a hitch at all. The kitties had to check it out as well, and I think it passed inspection. Dad’s tractor didn’t fare so well. It has two flat tires (both the front ones) and the battery wouldn’t turn over at all. So he’s got to find the extension cord to the air compressor to get those tires pumped up. I wonder if we’ll find the money this year to buy the bucket for the tractor. The brush-hog is very useful, plus the tractor itself does a great job hauling logs and stuff, but we miss the bucket we had on the old tractor.

0423_009.jpg 0423_010.jpgYoda is too scared to come outside, though he finally did venture out onto the deck later. Princess kitty, however, had no trouble at all and is being a little slut on the bridge! Such a cutie, I can’t believe I caught that expression on her face. re Marmalade (Marmy) checks out the pond and eats my plants! Bad kitty.

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