The rain helps the snow go away

0422_022.jpg There was just a little bit of rain last night, but it’s made a huge difference in the snow pack. The side yard is really starting to come out now. The bridge shows completely, and the outline of rocks around the pond is all snow-clear now. No bulbs showing yet, though. I mustn’t be too eager, though. Let the ground warm up and all that.

I’m quite worried about the lack of bulbs showing in the containers on the front porch, though. Those have been snow clear for a full week now, and you’d think I’d be seeing at least the tips of green things already, but there’s nothing there yet. Without a working hose in the front yard yet, I’ve just been scooping a little bit of snow from the snow piles around the deck onto the containers, figuring it will melt slowly and keep them moist. Handy, that. Anything that gets rid of snow is good for me these days!

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