The First Lawn Mowing

P6070011.jpgValerie and I gave the lawn its first mowing on Thursday night, after I’d been out of town all week. I think she had more fun driving the little lawn tractor than in actually mowing the lawn, but she did a pretty good job. The finished product in the front — we left the mower up pretty high since it’s still a baby, new lawn, but this part at least doesn’t look half bad.

P6070033.jpg On to the back part, which looks much worse! The septic field hasn’t filled in near as well, unfortunately. It mostly needed mowing around the edges, but the slope is so steep that Valerie didn’t feel comfortable getting to close to the edge.

P6070035.jpgThe back of the house looks so different. That grass has filled in nicely, and the window boxes here are really pretty, too. It hardly looks like our yard! Skip moved our very best topsoil back here when he started the job. (It had been dug up where we put a parking lot by our office building.)

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