Too many plants

The rain has been on and off all day, so we got in quite a bit of gardening, actually. The yard’s looking so pretty right now. The frogs are all over the pond, too. They make a huge racket every night. Quite the frog orgy out there, I think.

To cheer myself up from teen kid woes, I’ve spent a lot of time at nearby plant nursery called Brashear’s Nursery in Alstead. I’d run out of cash yesterday, and they didn’t take plastic. So today, we went with a check book and M.’s truck and did a number on cleaning them out! Much fun. I’m sunburnt from spending so much time outside, and we’re exhausted.

20010715_0047_web.jpg All of the ditch day lilies are blooming right on schedule. I have about a bazillion of them, all from around the old foundation. They are in a very shady area, where they don’t get enough sun to bloom, so I keep moving them out into the garden. I need the plants, and I think they are pretty, even if they are very common. I grew up in a desert! It’s still new to me.

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