Spreading the Zoo Doo Critters

20010721_0015_web.jpgFrank mowed the lawn today, and tried to push the edges around the septic more than Valerie or I have been doing. It’s a bit scary to hug the cliff like that, and I noticed that even he was leaning away from the edge as he did it. The lawn is coming along, though still looks scraggly. I’ve never had a lawn, though, so this is all new to me. I’m constantly out there pulling weeds, as there are tons and tons of small ragweed plants all over it. I don’t want them to get big enough to go to seed, so it’s a constant battle that I’m not sure I’m going to win.

20010721_0014_web.jpgAll three pine trees are officially dead, unfortunately. Although to be honest, I’m not sure what Skip was thinking in planting those where he did anyway. White pine get huge, and we don’t want huge trees in this garden. We are surrounded by 50 year old trees on all four sides, and I’d like smaller flowering trees instead of the same trees that fill the woods. So now I have to think of what I want to put in their places. In the meantime, many birds seem to have taken up residence in them, however, so I guess I’ll leave them up until I know what to replace them with.

20010721_0019_web.jpgI placed an order for lots and lots of Zoo Doo earlier this month, and it came in today. They are cute! I spread them out all over the place, and I hope they last for a few years. I got things like turles and frogs, and I think they’ll weather to a darker gray or brown, almost. I also got a few buckets of the granular soil like stuff, but I’m going to use those in the window boxes, not spread that out in the garden. There are many more economical ways to amend that soil. This stuff was pretty expensive. (but for a good cause, I tell myself.)

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