Just A Garden Walk Through

I did a walk-through only in the garden this evening, too weak today to do much more than that. It’s so hard to see the weeds and be forbidden via Doctor’s Order to pull them. Grrr.

P9100002.jpg This water hyacinth that Carol brought for us on the day of our summer party is blooming so prettily! It’s not hardy, so I have to figure out how to bring him in for the winter. We hear these guys are taking over lakes and ponds in the south, but with our winters, it shouldn’t get a chance.

Weeds and I have this long history. I think I heard too much about them during my formative years. But I have really taken to heart the warning to never let them go to seed. I’ve internalized that as “you are a bad person if your weeds go to seed” so every time I see one, in seed as they are all at this time of the year, I feel ashamed almost. We’ve taken on quite a big garden, and even with all our work out there this year, we have weeds. Going to seed. Eek! Bad, bad.

Oh well. I think next year I might not be so green, and might break down and use chemicals. If I can talk Frank into that, that is, which is going to be hard.

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