Almost Fall

P9090016.jpgThe garden right now is absolutely gorgeous. Fall is so close. My burning bushes are turning, and the trees around the house are just starting. Peak time for us for fall color is usually the first weekend in October, which I realized today is not really that far away. Fall feels like Mother Nature’s reward for gardening. I work hard all year to put on a show of my own, and reap the beauty in the spring and summer. And then for the grand finale, Mother Nature shows me a real show, spectacular and wonderful. I love fall.

P9090004.jpgFrank and I sat out in the gazebo and knocked off a bottle of pop wine last evening. We saw a few bats still, and we wondered when they’ll head south.

I’m just blown away with the amount of color in my late summer garden. I tried so hard to get stuff that would bloom in September in colors other than yellow, and it looks like I’ve succeeded pretty well. Many reds, purples and whites mixed in amongst the yellows.

P9090033.jpgThe window boxes have been a fabulous success, so next spring when I wonder if I really want to go to all that trouble again, I want to look at these pictures and remember. They are so full and vibrant right now. They smell wonderful, too, and make hanging out on the deck just a relaxing, comfortable thing that we love to do. We definitely need to invest in deck furniture next year. I’m thinking some sort of metal maybe, or wicker. Not wood, and subtle colors.

P9090049.jpgSpeaking of the deck, Frank. spent the afternoon being quite productive. He put preservative on all of the surfaces of both floors of the deck. He opted for CWF (Clear Wood Finish), UV sensitive wood stuff. The sun eventually turns it a pretty golden color that should match the color of the log house. I’m not convinced it will hold up to snow shoveling and heavy traffic, but he is. I guess we’ll see, eh?

P9090040.jpgI pushed myself today, probably too much. I weeded one bed in the morning, then came in for a nap. Frank prepared a great mid-day meal with prime rib and all the works, and invited his mother over to join us. I took another nap after lunch, then went out to take a bunch of pictures. Of course, I noticed many more weeds, so set out and filled another basket full of weeds.

What a way to get my stamina back. Nap, garden, nap, eat, nap, garden, nap.


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