The Pond Update

P9220035.jpgThe pond is going pretty well. Not bad for our first season, anyway. We seem to have a handle on the algae, anyway. We know we still need more plants, though.

Up at the top, in the little mini-stream that runs into the pond, the mint that we planted on one side has shot out into and across the stream and is coming up on the other side now. It’s even growing in the actual running water, taking root in the sediment at the bottom of the pond there. Amazing stuff, mint.

P9220028.jpgThe fish are downright cute. Whatever part of the pond I go near, they all flock to me, looking to be fed. They recognize me over Frank or either of the kids, too, which is surprising. They are very, very spoiled little fishies, the best kind. It’s starting to get cold at night, so we are cutting back on feeding the fish, actually, and they don’t like it one bit.

The water lilies are all starting to die back, change colors. I need to read up on what I’m supposed to do with them, you know? Cut them back? I need to do a lot of reading, actually, because I don’t know what to do with any of the marginals we’ve planted, either.

Water gardening is tricky stuff!

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